2002-03 Topper Corinthians Jersey (Away) (L)
2002-03 Topper Corinthians Jersey (Away) (L)
2002-03 Topper Corinthians Jersey (Away) (L)

2002-03 Topper Corinthians Jersey (Away) (L)

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Brand : Topper

Size: Large

Condition: Good Vintage Condition. Crazy "3-D Pepsi Advertising". Logos on sleeves are a little bit folded due to material but look normal on wearing.

Color: Black 

Sport Club Corinthians Paulista is a Brazilian multi-sport club based in São Paulo, Brazil. Although they compete in a number of different sports, Corinthians is mostly known for its professional association football team.

Founded in 1910 by five railway workers, Corinthians was inspired by the London-based club Corinthian Football Club. Since 1910, Corinthians has become one of the most successful Brazilian clubs, having won the national title seven times, in addition to three Copa do Brasil trophies. Corinthians has a record 29 state championships. In 2000 the club won the inaugural FIFA Club World Cup as the host nation's representative, repeating the feat in 2012 after winning the Copa Libertadores de América for the first time.

The club was listed by Forbes as the most valuable football club in the Americas, worth $576.9 million. The club is one of the most widely supported teams in the world and the 2nd in Brazil, with over 30 million fans.

The club's home kit traditionally features white shirts and black shorts, accompanied by white socks, since 1920. Their traditional crest was introduced in 1939, by modernist painter Francisco Rebolo featuring the São Paulo state flag in a shield, two oars and an anchor (representing the club's early success in nautical sports). They hold many long-standing rivalries, most notably against Palmeiras, São Paulo and Santos.